John Lynam, WAR


Gritty, emotive on-the-road country is the dish of the day with John Lynam’s EP WAR.

Opening with ‘Daisey’, we’re immediately met with a driving, rolling piece of rock and roll. The guitars are crunchy, the organs swirl in and out, and the lyrics are romantic. Add to that the uplifting chords of the chorus, it’s a tune that defies you to try not to sway to its rhythm at least a little.

Listening –

‘Took For Granted’ starts off with hints of ‘Sweet Home Alabama’, but it establishes itself very much as its own song, again with distinctive swirling organs in the background. John Lynam’s tools of the trade are clearly punchy memorable choruses that punctuate his songwriting with clarity and vision.

“Took For Granted” video –

The EP’s title track ‘War’ is a stripped back, thoughtful ballad with some soaring vocals as Lynam pours himself into the elongated three letter word “War.” The track is tinged with sadness and hints of hope, with guitars that ebb and flow to create a swell of sound throughout its three and a half minutes.

WAR closes with ‘Roadtrain’, a more blustering piece of rock and roll, the kind of track you’d expect to hear in a smoky bar along route 66. The guitars are gutsy, the vocals are gritty, and it all comes together to be a hearty conclusion to John Lynam’s four track offering of country tinged rock.

By Chris Marsh

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