When Madonna shocked her fans in the 1980s and 1990s with cone bras and corsets, many people thought she’d gone too far especially as young women tried to emulate their favorite star. As the 1990s progressed and grunge became the rage, parents could relax a little as their sons and daughters donned flannel and loose jeans. However, today’s trends of rock stars wearing thongs on stage have led parents and non-parents alike to wonder whether rock-star style has gone too far.

Does Fashion Influence Music?
The question of whether music influences fashion or fashion influences music is much like the age old chicken and egg quandary. From Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made for Walking” to Weezer’s “The Sweater Song” and David Bowie’s “Fashion,” fashion has played a significant role in the music, lyrics and performances of many rock stars explains this article on Become Gorgeous. For some rock stars, more is written about their fashion than their music. This has been the case for decades, looking back to rockers such as RuPaul and Madonna. Musicians are always in need of something to write about and one thing that any performer is judged upon is how he or she looks. Any rock star who has “made it” employs at least one stylist who plans their outfits for mundane outings to the grocery store as well as a whole team of costume designers and artists for performances. A concert just wouldn’t be the same if Cher came on stage sporting yoga pants and a t-shirt. Fans have come to expect much more from their rockers.

Considering Dressing Like Your Favorite Rock Star?
Today’s rock stars, such as Nicki Minaj, have noticed that their fans are trying to emulate their styles. Minaj even wrote a song about it called “Saxon.” The more outrageous the fashion, the more the fans want to emulate it. While few people have been spotted wearing a Lady Gaga-styled raw meat dress or meat bikini as reported in this article on the Huffington Post, some copycat styles are better received. From the “Hammer” pants of the early 1990s to today’s metallic shoes and barely there shorts, rock-star fashions are trends that you can emulate with clothes from your own closet, suggests this article on Designer Vault.

Looking Like a Rock Star Without Shocking Passersby
What looks great on stage is a totally different thing from what looks good in real life. MSN explains that while shocking looks will get you noticed, you can still look like a rock star without being over the top. According to InStyle, you can get the rock star look by sticking with a theme and choosing one or two signature statement pieces such as Miley Cyrus’ leather overalls and cropped turtleneck top ensemble paired with coordinating accessories. According to Style with Anna, copycat rock-star clothing just requires some translation and an eye for fashion.


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