On this “Soulm8s” track Maryann combines her signature “Bedroomtrap” with something similar to Goldlink’s “Future Bounce”. That won’t be a surprise to anyone who was a fan of her “When I die” cover.  Underneath her hazy, verbed-out, soulful melodies,  she speaks about finding that perfect match.  While Maryann’s lyrics are about the grip a soulmate can have on you, she is also talking about what she calls her “Musical Soulmate”. The play on words in the title is the combination of her name with producer N8 the Gr8, whom she has been working with since her first album.  That futuristic bedroomtrap sound is what they created,  They’ve been calling themselves “Musical Soulmates” for a while now,  so “Soulm8s” seemed fitting as a name for their writing/production team.  Expect to see more of Maryann, N8 and the Soulm8s name over the months to come.

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