The Goldilocks Enigma


Interesting and inventive music that comes from a religious perspective is not only hard to come by, but also often hard to listen to. Bands like Danielson have made their mark in the past by using Christian imagery in their music, not as satire or attack but as an authentic use of personal faith being evident in their art.

The Goldilocks Enigma appears to be operating in much the same way. While it must be said that these days the internet is littered with satire and trolls (not least in the hip-hop area) and websites like Christwire, The Goldilocks Enigma have created some intriguing work no matter the agenda.

The aesthetic is in many ways similar to the work of Danielson, sprawling and at times clumsy – ‘Babylon In Fallen’ uses dissonance and a sludgy bass end to create a dark and terrifying effect – while the husband and wife duo’s vocals are the perfect blend of creepy and exciting. ‘From Belief To Follow’ is a more straightforward faith song, and yet it carries with it a hippyish 60s vibe, all daisy chains and open fields. In contrast, ‘Elohim’ uses Nirvana style guitars and employs the previously mentioned dissonance to channel the eerie tones and set the listener on edge and yet intrigues and left kind of keen for more.

By Chris Marsh

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