Some bands make pretty videos with happy lights, nice smelling colors and oh-so-crucial ‘action’ shots.

Some bands only sing about the birds and the bees and the light, fluffy naughtiness of frivolous lives spent in blissful twee-mode.

Some bands only play safe, cheerful, happy-happy-boom-boom-cha-cha-cha!

But some bands still give a shit enough to sing about real issues in real lives in the real world.

Watch the “War On Women” Video Here: http://youtu.be/O4IdOgoHQ7I

FRIGHTWIG, the legendary and seminal punk rockers from San Francisco, the ladies who put the ‘grrrrrr’ in riot grrrl, scratch that, the ladies who goddamn-well WERE all that shit and more before it was even a genre, have decided to make a tune about the elephant in the room – the elephant that is the current crack-down on women, women’s rights and women’s choice. It would’ve been easy to buzz out two and a half minutes of fuzzy punk rock with a whole slew of screaming, and it would’ve been easy to make the video some wicked sweaty bit of eye-candy.

But what about the story? What about this “War On Women”? When did it start? What’s going on? Who stood tall and proud and who continues to do? Well, when you watch the entire piece, made for less dough than a tray of Kanye’s wedding canapés, sit back and enjoy the educational ride. Soak up the news, feed off the lyrics and sink into the energy which crescendos into everything FRIGHTWIG stands for and all that FRIGHTWIG’s dynamic post-punk sound is about.

So yeah, if you tuned into “War On Women” expecting ladies wearing bacon dresses slaying dragons while hot Chippendale dancers trip the light fantastic in Narnia, then you my friend are S-O-L. But if you really really wanna know what the “War On Women” is, then hallelujah, you have found your place!

Spread the word and spread it fast. And make sure you come and HEAR that message LIVE when we come to your neighborhood on our West Coast tour. There’ll be message, madness, music, male strippers and unicorns, because in case you didn’t know, that’s the way us bad-asses fucking rock’n’roll!

No excuses. Look, listen, learn, laugh and love the ‘Wig this summer.

Thank you,


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