Monks of Mellonwah, Turn the People

Turn The People CD Cover

Monks of Mellonwah are an award winning 4 piece alternative rock band out of Sydney, Australia. They have actively toured in their own country as well as the United States promoting their debut release, Turn The People.

Monks of Mellonwah have put their best foot forward and poured their hearts out in this CD. I believe it represents the true talent the band has to offer. It is a strong leap with powerful results. They have a nice mesh of old school and new styles that move you from the core.

Vocally each song is expressed with devout conviction. He sings from the heart and you can feel it from the heart. For example the song Pulse, starts with an electronic sound that soon goes into a full production, he sings with a pulsating desire that feeds off the music. His voice is as much as an instrument as anything else. Then in the title track Turn The People, a completely different production with a soft piano that pulls from a deeply felt sentiment as his voice conceives raw true emotion.


“Tear Your Hate Apart”

Monks of Mellonwah’s debut CD, Turn The People is a excellent start. I see a huge future for this band and encourage them to continue perfecting their sound. They have a strong presence that reaches into your chest and feeds your soul. It is different and powerful; they are certainly creating a new path for new artists coming up behind them to follow.

Enjoy the ride. Don’t miss the start of greatness, listen now and you can say, I was a fan from the very start and I have no doubts they will reach you as they have me.

I rate this 4 out of 5

Rebecca Hosking –

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