Sullivan Brill, Flashes of Light


Sullivan Brill [The Singing Postman] single “Flashes Of Light” is an cool synthpop/new wave mix of hiphop beats, synthpop keyboards and robotic harmonic voices.

He introduces the song by stating “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is an emergency… this is what it’s not” and followed by random light driven rescue vehicles “fire engine… police car” with the chorus repeating “Flashes, Flashes light our way… guide us to a brighter day” in perfect harmony.

While I might not be sure of what most of the lyrics mean, as they’re a bit cryptic as the song moves along, it’s apparent the Mr. Brill knows exactly what he’s talking about.

Sullivan Brill “Flashes Of Light” Lyric Video

The monotone chorus vocals notwithstanding, the chorus has a Thomas Doldy “She blinded me with science” feel to it.

With an instantly memorable bassline and beat, “Flashes of Light” is still a bit hard to categorize. It’s a bit of new wave, synthpop, hiphop and dance music put together in a most interesting way.

If you’re tired of hearing another EDM remix of Katy Perry, you just might want to check this out. It’s electronic music that doesn’t pander and has it’s own meanings. Plus, the production is pristine. I should know, I mastered it! :)

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