Gustavo De Beauville, “Volume 1”


Metal instrumental music tends to be gusty, with energy and confidence. Musicians such as Joe Satriani set a standard way back that continues to be emulated, and for good reason.

On “Volume 1”, Gustavo De Beauville cranks things up to 11 and unpacks some high octane shred-metal that, once it’s got started, shows little sign of letting up at any point soon.

‘Release The Kraken’ employs industrial elements, with a clanking rimshot sound that stutters alongside the doomy guitarwork, while ‘Jagannath’ uses wah-wah pedals to great effect, manipulating the guitar tone with energy and emotion. Once the full drum kit comes in, it’s an all out assault, with the double-kick underpinning the rhythm as the guitars shred away.

The album, titled “Volume 1”, is streaming in full at:

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Things get darker still on ‘As I Slither’, with the cymbals clanging away, this is atmospheric instrumental metal to crawl inside of and get yourself lost in, while ‘Insectoid Trails’ puts some electronic elements to good use, creating an alien landscape filled with creepy creatures. ‘Red Giants’ is more cinematic in structure, with deep, heavy bass drones and wailing pads, it’s emotive and filled with gravity.

Closing with ‘In Defiance’, the track begins curiously soft and sparse, until all hell breaks loose with its hyper shredding and pounding rhythms, finally powering towards its climax, with wailing guitars that come to their final dying screeches.

For a modern take on instrumental metal, with hints of industrial and electronica, check out “Volume 1” by Gustavo De Beauville.

By: Chris Marsh

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