Cloud Seeding continues its collaborative project with their sixth single, “Mirage,” featuring Alexa Wilding. Serra quickly gained an admiration for Alexa’s dark and visual music when he stumbled across videos for her songs “Black Diamond Day” and “Knife.”   He contacted the singer and the two became fast friends over snacks in the West Village. “I was immediately drawn to Kevin’s music,” Wilding says, “the skeletal instrumentals he sent me reminded me of Hal Hartley’s soundtracks, only grittier. They had a dark and cinematic nostalgia to them that got me writing right away.”   Fun fact, they have both worked with members of Television (Serra has taken guitar lessons from Richard Lloyd and Fred Smith mixed both of Wilding’s records). Wilding was ready to get to work, the only caveat was she was heavily pregnant with twin boys. After a long wait which saw the birth of her twins, “Mirage” was finally completed in April 2014, mixed and mastered by Wilding’s longtime engineer, Murray Trider at Ground Control Studios in South Williamburg. Wilding’s bandmate, Jared Barron, added percussion to the song. The cover is designed by Ian Patrick Sullivan. “‘Mirage’ is very special to me,” Wilding shares, “I was unclear what being a mother would mean for my music, and this song, a road song of sorts, carried me through to the other side, and pushed me into some new sonic territory.”

Stream “Mirage” (feat. Alexa Wilding) via (Bandcamp)

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