The Extended Play, Just For Two


Formed seven years ago, The Extended Play is the creative project of one Frank Hanyak, a New York native, longtime drummer, and well-traveled veteran of rock bands. The latest endeavor of The Extended Play (or ‘TEP’) is the album Just For Two, on which Hanyak contributes most of the sounds, though he receives occasional instrumental assistance from his trusty pals Leo McClusky and Mike Tarolli.
The track “PTAA” launches with an engaging sequence of alt-rock bar chords. Certain notes jingle in the background and provide a nifty effect. Am even more smitten by the fluid interlude guitar. I’m talkin’ some real pro axemanship here, like the kind you’d hear from some frontlining 90s band with a fat Geffen contract.
“Just For Two,” the album’s title track, has a Nirvana-esque intro. Am a fan of the surprising sequence of notes that surface around 1:07. Other unconventional sounds arrive around the 2:00 mark. At this juncture, I’m starting to consider TEP as pretty unpredictable, and I quite like it.  
“Flash Flooding” is a mellow track that belies its violent-sounding title.
“Northern Pass” is an introspective-sounding track that would be well-complemented by a Colorado cigarette.
The track “Easy To Say” also creates an introspective mood. There seems to be a bit of despondency here in the tone. I am quite curious as to the meaning of the lyrics sung around 1:45.
A bit more spunk arrives with the track “Wrapped In.”
We get some percussion at the forefront with the track “Fabric.”
With the track “Caving In,” there is something captivating about the guitar work. It conveys a sense of the tragic, which well complements the desperate-sounding title.
I was surprised by just how guitar-driven this album is. The vocal component is often almost like a background instrument.
All in all, it’s a well-produced album with fine musical craftsmanship.
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