Asteria Lux, Lovedrunk EP


Combining Latin and Ancient Greek for their band name, Asteria Lux consists of two vocalist vixens and a guitarist-producer who’s not only rocked out in Communist China but is also the author of the bestselling Everything Songwriting Book.

Uniting modern pop with classic sounds, Asteria Lux has already been around the block, appearing as guests on NPR, playing festivals at Pensacola Beach, and performing at such legendary venues as the Bluebird Café in Nashville, where they currently are climbing the market, as the band now has its debut EP Lovedrunk.

“Mellow” would be an appropriate adjective for the beginning to the EP’s title track. Some truly mellifluous vocal moments occur around the 1:05 mark. Now I have no idea what the hell they’re singing about around 1:45, but it does sound enchanting.


By the way, some yummy blues guitar launches the title track’s “Reprise” edition.

In the track “Smoke,” the female speakers sure lay down the law: “you’re just a man / you can’t understand / what you can never do is define me.” There’s nothing hostile about these lyrics; it’s all kinda playful really. Some fine staccato singing occurs around 2:34.

“The Voice” has a sharply jazzy feel, as a saxophone frequently fulfills the role of a background guitar. Speaking of guitar, though, we do get a keen lil’ solo around the 3:30 mark. Then an engaging succession of keyboard notes takes the song to its conclusion.

“Leave a Mark” is a tender piece about emotional scarring, with some aptly-worded life advice: “I should have known not to entrust my heart / to a vow that was made in the dark.”

The tone in the track “You Love the Rain” seems less bruised and more romantic, though the speaker does express some reservations.

The title “You Played Me” sounds a bit disgruntled, but there’s actually something flirty and lively about the tone. Who’s that singing at 2:24?

In sum, I’d describe the EP as easy and enjoyable.

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