Tommy Roumanas “She Keeps Me (Rockin’)”


Tommy Roumanas is a singer/songwriter and from a family of musicians going back several generations, so it was only natural for him to pick up the guitar at 17. He states on his bio “Composing music for a living may not be the easiest or most stable job, but in my opinion, it’s the greatest job on earth. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

With his new single coming out titled “She Keeps Me [Rockin’]” you’ll get the feeling that this classic rock sound is part of his DNA, no doubt.

Tommy Roumanas “She Keeps Me (Rockin’)” Audio Video

The track starts off arguably with a vintage garage rock sound before going into a Cult-like riff. The simplicity of the track keeps things rollin’ along like some of the best classic rock from the 70’s and 80’s. Tommy’s voice is well suited for this type of resurgence rock, it even has a guitar solo, something that’s been missing from most new forms of rock-n-roll ever since Kurt Cobain declared it dead 20 years ago.

This is NOT hairband rock, it’s closer to The Cult and Bruce Springsteen than say Poison or gasp … Faster Pussycat? While rock music trends come and go, “She Keeps Me [Rockin’] is destined to stick around long after Fallout Boy’s next breakup and reunion.

Tommy’s knack for songwriting has him writing for other artists as well, notably Pacific Records country artist Lynne Taylor Donovan and now his song “She Keeps Me (Rockin’)” has been picked up by Pacific Records LTD for a March 24th release.

If you’re one of the millions who love that classic rock sound then you’re in for a treat, check out Tommy Roumanas at

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