Mustarinta was born when the former one was put to rest. Highway Burns had started recording their second album after Dirt, Sand & Sleepless Nights (2012) but along the way it became clear that the new stuff wasn’t Highway Burns. Thus, in agreement the band was put on a break.

“We went to make the new record from a clean slate, with no boundaries. What happened then was that the style, the language and the band changed. Mustarinta isn’t Highway Burns on Finnish, it’s a brand new band. Highway Burns is honestly taking a break and Mustarinta is going forward,” says singer-guitarist Tuukka Tams.

Metsästyskausi is the first taste from the upcoming album called Pimeä tie. The song gives a look to what to expect from the album: acoustic instruments combined with growling electric guitars.

Check the video of Metsästyskausi:

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