Wayne William, The Parade


Wayne William has a friendly yet soulful voice that stands out with depth and near perfect pitch. He’s a singer/songwriter as well as live performer whose Maltese heritage makes his appearance also stand out in a crowd. He began singing professionally at just 13. He’s also a music producer so he’s what the music biz calls ‘the total package’. Wayne has a new album out titled “The Parade Album” and we at Skope had the privilege to hear it, this is what it sounded like to me…

The leadoff track “Searching For A Sign” is a tender pop rock track with traces of Americana and Country and maybe a little U2 guitar for good measure. It’s a little on the generic side but it’s done so well that I can certainly look past that.

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Next up is “The Parade” a funky little rock number with a killin’ bassline. The guitars would make Nile Rodgers smile… then it takes a turn into some contemporary altrock. While it works on a number of levels, the song really rocks during the funky parts. The chorus is also very catchy and bares likeness to that 90’s song by Fastball “The Way”.

Wayne William – “Don’t Fade Away”

“Don’t Fade Away” has a Coldplay feel to it, with echoey guitars and falsetto vocals introducing the track. There’s a nice piano that kicks in with the light bass drum. About a minute into the song it starts to pick up into a solid beat driven track. This is some serious songwriting craft at work. Even for those who aren’t fans of this type of music have to admit this guy’s got it down.

Next we have “Breaking Down” which has a somewhat Beatles-esque [think ‘As My Guitar Gently Weeps’] framework, yet it really sounds all his own. The chorus has soaring vocal harmonies and the story telling is straightforward and powerful.

“Everybody Sing” is catchy and one of those sing-a-long type of choruses that gets stuck in your head. There’s a guitar solo that reminds me of U2. There are several moments thoughout this album that have that Edge tone and vibe. And yes, that’s a good thing.

“Tonight” begins with a piano and continues the basic formula of the previous song before evolving into something more. The album has alot of continuity.

“Find Your Way Back” also starts with a piano and you get the feeling you’ve heard this before, but it’s just a clever diguise as it slowly unfolds into something fresh and original. “Hopelessly Impossible” kicks off with a jazzy drum and bass funkiness… like a funkified version of Maroon 5.

“Slip Away” has a bluesy feel to it’s tried and true format. It gets back into the funk rock that’s the true calling card of this band beneath it’s pop rock facade.

“As You Move Closer” begins with an acoustic guitar and has a ballad feel to it. But once again, it keeps us guessing which way it’s going to go. I’ll let you be the judge. The album ends with “Time”, a piano driven tune with a 70’s rock feel.

All in all, this is one powerhouse of an album, for those of us who are looking for interesting artists whose passion shines on every song, Wayne Williams “The Parade Album” is hands down greatness. This guy lives and breathes music. He’s already known in the UK and Maltese Islands, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world catches up to him.


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