On their debut album, Plateau Below flow like a river: serene yet strong, their sound recalls the passage of water. Bright, layered vocal melodies float and shimmer over rippling guitars. Lyrically, the theme of a flowing river is evoked throughout to wonder on the passage of time. On Still Paradise, their newest release due out 3/4 via Jurassic Pop Records, we hear a voice at odds with a river that changes, ceaselessly. True to this theme, the Bloomington, Indiana quartet recorded Still Paradise like the traditional rock it echoes: all of the bass, drums, and rhythm guitars were recorded in live takes. The result is a classic, live sound that answers the lyrical plea for nostalgia and constancy. The album culminates in the massive, overflowing “Twiggy,” which showers soulful horns and doo-woppy harmonies in a plea to arrest the changing of a pure soul. Plateau Below have been together for barely over a year, and have already delivered this beautiful album. Here’s to hoping some things never change.

Listen to Plateau Below “Riverside”:

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