For the second cut off of his upcoming full-length project, “Along Came Joyner”, New England wordslayer Joyner Lucas goes upbeat. Whilst he gave us pure vitriol on “Lame Hoes” and “F*ck Your Feelings”, contemplated the end on “Take a Bullet” and waxed poetic about the perils of materialism on “Eyes on the Ceiling”, this Khep-produced ‘happy track’ has unearthed Joyner’s sunnier side. Here he celebrates that which sets him apart from many of his rap peers; reveling almost, in the struggle that is this rap game. He may indeed be the brokest n*gga he knows but what he lacks in wealth, he more than makes up for in talent.

Joyner fans lucky enough to find themselves in Austin next month will have the chance to see him perform on both Friday, March 14th and Saturday, March 15th during SXSW. Stand by for time and venue details.

“That’s Okay” Soundcloud Link:

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