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The Crazy Carls explore pop rock with original personality and great songwriting. Alex Baugh is the band’s singer, songwriter and lead guitarist. The band’s latest CD, “Owl Tattoo” features pop songs with intense guitar solos, falsetto vocals and personal lyrics.

The band members are famous throughout Florida and the Southeast for their outrageous performance. Their loyal fans love their high energy shows and can’t get enough of their new music. “Lose You” is a new music video, soon to be released with beautiful shots of Florida
coast. The song tells a story about new love that never has a chance to grow. The singer can’t believe it’s over so soon, and he doesn’t want to except that the loss is inevitable. The music really pulls on the emotions and the song is sure to be a hit for The Crazy Carls.

“Lose You” – Audio – The Crazy Carls

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