People across the globe, now over 8 Million strong on YouTube, have already discovered and embraced “Dreams Come True” as their personal theme for LOVE, HOPE & INSPIRATION.   “Dreams Come True” has been for over a year the #1 “Most Requested and Most Popular Wedding Song” in the world; out of over 2.5 Million wedding songs.  

New ‘Lyric Video’ Link:

Both Artists, Rebecca Holden & Abraham McDonald, come with pedigree credentials and each have their own huge fan base. Rebecca has an international following from her co-starring role on “Knight Rider,” which is still in syndication in the US and in over 250 foreign countries. Abraham, at a towering 6’8″, was chosen the winner of the Oprah Winfrey American Singing Competition judged by mega-producer David Foster, record executive LA Reid, and iconic songwriter Diane Warren.

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