If you are a guitar player, you probably have one desire: Always getting better. Many guitar players reach a plateau and then they stop improving. They get content with how well they can play. They may buy new equipment and get excited about it for a while, getting a bit better for a short span of time, but they are not constantly improving in the way that it takes to really reach the level that they want. If you want to learn a few tips that can help, just read more right now.

1. Practice every day.
The biggest thing that you can do is to play every single day. At least try to sit down with your guitar for ten to fifteen minutes. It is better if you can practice for a half an hour, but not having 30 minutes to spare should not cause you to ignore practicing altogether.

2. Push yourself.
Do not just play the same songs over and over again, the ones that you already know. You can warm up with them, but you always want to work on songs that you think are too hard for you to play. Pushing yourself like this will make you actually get better when you play, rather than just staying right where you are.

3. Learn new styles of music.
Another way to push yourself is to learn new styles of music. They are going to make you learn how to play in new ways. As you can imagine, it takes a different set of skills to play jazz than it does to play country or folk or rock. By learning all of these new ways to play the guitar, you can get better overall, and you will have a wide range of abilities, rather than just being able to do one thing very well and nothing else.

4. View playing guitar as more than a hobby.
If it is just a hobby, something that you do for fun, you might not be as dedicated as you need to be to really improve your talents. When you feel like doing something else fun, like watching TV, that will be just as attractive and you might put guitar playing aside. It should always be fun, but you do have to put it ahead of your other actives, practicing even when you do not feel like it, to become the best.

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