Decoded, Topanga


While it is true many feel the music industry is in disarray it’s always a breath of fresh air to hear a new band or artist that’s not afraid to take chances with their musical expression. With 4 piece band from Los Angeles — Decoded and their latest 5 song musical offering entitled “Topanga” it’s clear to me they have surpassed what many consider to be the a-typical musical release. Formed in 2012, decoded has already been through 20 members.   Indecisive?   Maybe..   The garage rock group has also reinvented its sound three times within that span. Weathering the storm, frontman Derek Jordan and drummer Heather Miller were the only two remaining members when they set out to record the organic rock inspired “Topanga” EP, released on 11/12/13. Rounding out the lineup, Ian McCulloch (guitar) and Amy Clark (bass) joined decoded in October 2013 and November 2013 respectively. Fom the beginning to end Decoded gives you a musical rock n’ roll love anthem with a string of catchy rock songs that will keep the listener entertained. Also present are messages that are uplifting and a vibe that is unmistakably Psychedelic, electrifying and no holds barred indie based. Decoded combines many impressive musical styles: like retro Pop of the 70’s and even Alternative Rock and a bit of R&B Rock. Some pieces I really like are “Last Night” and “Red Handed” with their amazing feel. “Judgment Day” and “Topanga’ expand the possibilities for a   possible radio hit in the making. The production value is also top notch ‘dirty” and the playing from all other band members just hits the spot. Decoded creates a fun-eccentric sound that will make virtually any listener feel right at home. As vocalists Jordan delivers a rough and tumble vocal ability that at times glides with precision though the pocket. Together they perform a multitude of amazing harmonies and possess warm vocal timber overall. If you like Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Fantomas

Tomahawk Peeping Tom, Secret Chiefs 3 and Estradasphere you will like Decoded. Much of this band goes simply goes beyond traditional playing and songwriting. Vibe also an important component for me whenever I listen and review music. In this aspect these guys are so easy to grove to while painting you an impressive visual between the spoken word and messages of life, love, lust and the love of lust and life itself. Decoded delivers amazing rocked out music for the senses that has no boundaries — very much like life itself.


Rating 4.5/5 Stars

Reviewed by: Grant Michelson edited by J.J McCall
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