Hailing from South East London and still only 17 years old, Rainy Milo is the kind of artist that seems to slow time itself.   From putting up her first track ‘Bout You’ at the age of 15, to self- releasing her much loved Limey EP last year, Rainy is an artist who steps to her own bounce, wise and smart beyond her years, as demonstrated so expressively in the lines of her songs.


‘Rats’ is the next single, which is due November 25th and is another slice of classic Rainy Milo.   A Brit School Croydon ‘drop out’, she was always outstanding at English.   On Rats she effortlessly sketches another teen scene in a collection of lines from the diary, a world of ‘bouncing barriers just to catch the District line, bright green streamers in your eyes’.   Then a thundering descending bass line (her Jamaican Granddad was a reggae DJ after all) and you have another perfect jewel of tender lovers rocking, jazz-wise pop R&B.   It’s London teen ‘tude, wrapped up in a cloud-hopping number, as fresh as a crisp October morning in Norwood.

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