Slippertails are an irreverent rock duo from New Jersey that formed while rooming together in Bloomington, Indiana. Upon returning to New Jersey, frontman Nick Casertano began recording demos alone in his basement that would eventually become their album, There’s A Disturbing Trend. Nick put up his self-proclaimed “junky demos” online merely to book some shows in and around NYC; however, the release garnered some attention and became one of FYR’s favorite releases of 2013.

“Hip New Jerk” (stream/free DL): https://soundcloud.com/fleetingyouthrecords/slippertails-hip-new-jerk

“I Will Peel You Open” (stream/free DL): https://soundcloud.com/fleetingyouthrecords/slippertails-i-will-peel-you

The first single and opening track from the album, “Hip New Jerk,” is sure to grab your attention with its colossal, in-your-face guitar tones and apathetic vocals. Casertano not only shares similar physical characteristics with Frank Black of the Pixies, but a similar audio aesthetic: “distinctly dark with face-melting feedback…a powerfully raw and meaty sound,” and this song proves just that. The second single, “I Will Peel You Open,” is slower but just as sludgy and infectious as Casertano croons about a corrupt lover who manipulates her lovers from the inside out.  


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