Sahr Dummy, hip hop artist, song writer and producer with a distinct, provocative style that reinvents the rap industry altogether. Compared to Busta Rhymes and Ludacris, Sahr “Dummy” brings his unique personality into the mix when it comes to producing his own music. Pulling inspiration from the devastating loss of his wife in 2012, Sahr was motivated to live life to the fullest and pursue his dream and passion for the music industry.

Sahr is excited to share his new E.P., “It’s About to go Down!,” a dance track with a rap and old school vibe, making it a song with something for everyone.   The E.P. has a total of four tracks, the first titled “Rock the Night,” which is the ultimate party anthem.   “Big Momma” is another track which embraces plus size women and the strength and independence of women altogether. All four tracks are game changers which reinvent the music industry with an everlasting message of power, strength, and positivity.

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