The Tallgrass Prairies of Illinois are carrying the sounds of FLANNEL MOUTH (SwitchBitch Records) yet again, this time in the form of a new single entitled “Oh, Bastard.”   The song, though independent of an album, showcases the emergence of Flannel Mouth’s ability to write a hard-hitting single whilst staying true to their unique brand of theatric rock, displayed on 2012’s Pull in Your Horns.   “Oh, Bastard” finds itself jumping from bouncy, melodic bass lines betwixt a crooning fiddle to a stomping hook surrounded by prog-inspired instrumentals, and it all supplements the dismal story of a boy born to parents with other priorities and the ultimate fates of anyone involved.   The vocals are highlighted by guttural emotion and punctuated by barbershop quartet-like harmonies throughout, making this track easily accessible for fans of Cursive, Modest Mouse, Dear & the Headlights, and more.

 “Oh, Bastard”


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