Chris Batson brings sheer emotion and a stimulating sound to Alternative R&B/Soul. The exceptionally personalvideo for “Wintertime,” Chris Batson’s new track from 1916 Music/Nettwerk Records, features actress/model Aurelia Scheppers as the leading lady. “Wintertime” tells the story of the first 24hrs. when a teen discovers she is pregnant. The video portrays the multiple emotions that she goes through when faced with the decision to keep or abort the pregnancy. The visual for “Wintertime” is the second of a series of videos from Batson’s We Got Lost Along The Way EP that follows the same female protagonist as she contends with the consequences of her actions. “The song is based-off of my real life experience with my girlfriend at the time, I wanted to keep the baby and she didn’t,” Chris notes. “I wrote the song to my unborn child and the concept of the video was a combination of how the director (Chris Smith & La Socie ´te ´) and I envisioned my story coming to life.”


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