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Butterfly Suicide is an act commanded by Ohioan Eliot Hosenfeld, a co-owner of a recording studio who had a few highly skilled band-mates swing by to give some of the instruments “a more mature sound.”

“love, melodies, pain” is the name of the latest Butterfly Suicide album, and it’s largely about the turbulent world of “difficult and bad relationships.” “love, melodies, pain” — which saw release on Sept. 17 — reflects Hosenfeld’s passion for The Beatles, The Doors, and Pink Floyd.

The track “Weary” begins with a somewhat Doors-like instrumental score. Was that an organ in the background? A blend of vocals soon takes the forefront. Seems that the speaker isn’t entirely satisfied with his current relationship, but it’s not like he’s homicidally mad or anything. More like good-naturedly wistful: “If only love could make some room for me.”

An invigorating vocal output takes place at 0:40 of the track “For Now.” Same could be said for 0:35 of the track “Shot Down.” Even though ‘shot down’ sounds like a rather aggressive title, there is no huge sense of malice during the song.

“Lonely Garden”

The track “Snowball” immediately establishes a playful tone. There is, however, a bit of dejection: “I had a snowball’s chance in hell to win.”

Some engaging background guitar is heard starting at 0:40 of the track “Laundry List.”

The track “Moving On” has a slow but expressive musical intro.

The track “Anything At All” is a bit zippy in its tone, though the lyrics are not entirely without resentment: “I don’t owe you anything at all / Got my patience backed against the wall.”

Some simple but good rhythm guitar starts the track “Almost.”

Wow, the track “Make Up” is definitely unexpected. What the heck instrument is making that high-pitched twang? Makes me wanna square-dance!

“Believe in Something” conveys a sense of solemnity which belies the song’s title.

And speaking of titles, ‘Butterfly Suicide’ is an interesting name for a band. The first word conveys a sense of gracefulness and beauty; the second word is violent and troubling. Makes for quite a contrast!

Either way, the band is ready to take the new album to the stage. For further info, check out:


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