Thunders is a really good time on a really bad trip. The Chicago-based grunge/noise/rock ‘n roll band   is like a story of a power pop band force fucked through the filter of a punk band as retold through the unreliable memory of late 80’s college rock or early 90’s indie rock.

Ryan Reidy leads drummer Michael Preuschl through their upcoming release, Weird Spines White Trash Whatever, a 12-song warts-and-all freak out documenting the intra-band policy of letting the bad times roll. Recorded in a trailer near a lake outside Warsaw, Indiana (that lacked basic necessities like heat, running water, and indoor plumbing) the duo laid down the basic tracks (in 3 days, on a 4 track cassette machine) which would then be completed over the following weeks by Reidy alone in his bedroom. Inspired by films, books, death, fucking, real lives, fakes lives, truths, and outright lies, Weird Spines White Trash Whatever isn’t asking for your forgiveness or acceptance (maybe) and (probably) isn’t looking for them anyway.

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