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Here’s some simple math: pop + British invasion + funk + acoustic = four elements. And ‘four elements’ is the title of the debut EP of one Nathalie Raedler, a songwriter of Brazilian-German extraction who currently resides in Boston.

Singing since age 4, Raedler also played piano but later chose the guitar as her vehicle for musical expression. She has since “performed in many bands,” composed music for short films, and appeared on Spanish national TV (yeah, she’s lived in Spain, and also Portugal & Brazil).

And now we have her Four Elements EP, a work composed in both Boston and Barcelona, then transplanted to L.A. for some mixing. As part of this mixing, a “multicultural crew” of trusty sidekick musicians pitched in for this EP, which is truly a transnational effort.

“Collective Hypocrisy” is a rather catchy song title. The intro guitar riff creates a rather playful atmosphere. But there is a bit of an edge, as the speaker seems rather dissatisfied with (at least some of) her social circle: “Do I really need to prove / that I’m thinking like you?” The track’s end stage features sassy spoken-word and interesting sound effects.

“Part of Me” is more of a wistful song. There is, however, some happiness to be felt regarding the quality of Raedler’s vocals on this track. And she can also croon.

Any lingering sense of the wistful quickly evaporates with the beginning of “On the Fast Lane,” a track that launches with an energetic display of thick, distorted bar chords. Eventually, Raedler’s vocals take the forefront. You know, this track kinda reminds me of Alanis Morissette. At the two-minute mark, a snappy guitar solo adds some spice.

For the track “One Night Stand,” Raedler sings about a guy who is “hunting down random chicks.” She paints a picture of a thoroughly disreputable gentleman with “nothing in [his] head,” who can “only think with [his] dick.” Such a base, disgusting creature is “only good for a one-night stand.”

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