Kevin Haynes and Matt Kupcso, Pure


Kevin Haynes and Matt Kupcso celebrate their debut EP, “Pure”. These two musicians from different walks of life teamed up to create this unique collaboration. Kevin is a singer/songwriter and Matt is a classically trained guitarist, together they form a down to earth, soulful duo.

K&M’s debut was named appropriately as its purity unfolds their raw talent in this acoustic blend of jazz, blues and R&B. Kevin’s voice is a blissful tall cool drink of water. He sings with sincerity and power. He believes in what is being said and he has the ability to make you a believer as well.

Matt’s guitar soars to new heights and lifts Kevin’s message to a whole new level. If ever two people were meant to be a team; I believe K&M perfected a sound and put a new meaning to the word. Matt’s mellow style and sophistication wraps around your emotions like a blanket. His playing warms one’s soul from the inside out.


This production is low key and is simply K&M, uncensored and well, should I say it, “Pure”. They set out to have some fun and make some music and who knew this would be their final results, a beautiful display of both musical talents.


This is definitely a good start and I would love to see what they come up with next. Do not miss out on this CD. They may be new to the world but I believe the world is a much prettier place now that they have added such amazing art to it.

I rate this 5 out of 5

Rebecca Hosking –

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