Tru Fam is a Hip Hop duo with a touch of pop and a whole lot of passion. Identical twins, Sha and Just-I will release their first full-length album, THRILL XL, on February 4, 2014. This heartfelt collection of songs that encapsulates the ups and downs of love and life is sure to make your head nod, as it swells with beats, memories and personality. You can feel the energy from the 808s and you can hear the devotion to lyrical finesse in the seamless flow. These songs – even when the topics range from parties to break-ups – are always edgy, creative, fun, and even dark at times. This album is their dairy – their vulnerabilities and their strengths are all accounted for. Listen closely enough, and you might just hear a piece of you woven into their lyrics. When true, genuine expression is established like this, the music speaks directly to your soul.


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