The Bend, She’s Evil


Epic rock band The Bend hail from Seattle and bring an inspirational approach to modern day Melodic Rock or Epic Rock. All of this with a hint of Industrial Sonic theatrics and guitar driven fusion between the two.   I like to call this genera Passion-Rock. First a bit about this latest EP. Before I begin The Bend have been around Seattle for awhile. They have a strong reputation and are known for their killer live shows. “She’s Evil” is a milestone EP release by The Bend, bringing huge anthems full of melodic hooks, bombastic drums, and walls of guitars. Sunny Day Real Estate’s front man Jeremy Enigk guest spots on one song. She’s Evil CD music contains a single disc with 5 songs. This music is an onslaught of magic and power that moves the body and stimulates the soul. Melodic bass and guitars, syncopated drums and a rainbows of vocals with waves of sonic vocals. All of this comes together via “She’s Evil” EP. It’s a colossal collision of majestic music that is blessed by the God’s and Goddesses themselves. “She’s Evil” combines all of the above with a melodic layered vocal style from Ben Jenkins via above average compositions. All arrangements offer much in the way of charged musical performances and a diverse spectrum of sound that runs full circle. Let me start by saying “She’s Evil” is the perfect title for an EP like this as well. It’s kind of magical. It’s a production dynamo, like a modern day Yes, The Bend   makes a good first impression with “Maharaja” and “Youngstown” 2 solid opening tracks. Besides modern rock one can also appreciate the musical ambience and sonic overtones with a hint of Electro Rock. The closest thing I would compare These guys to would be a zestful combination of Radiohead and Kyuss. The underlying theme here is no-doubt intellectually stimulating and passionate. I really like the vocals from Ben Jenkins an playing style from the rest of the 5 piece. No over the top showboat or anything like that. You know ridiculous over the top double bass chops and crisp 32nd note speed picking that’s impossible to play live – lol. The array of instrumentation offers everything you would expect but besides the a-typical (bass/guitar/drums) one can also enjoy a theatrical balance, amazing harmonies, melodic solo guitar touches and more. The sound quality is the perfect foundation to really stimulate the mind or work out to. The Bend are not afraid to color outside the lines shall we say. “Divider” and “Empress” are more diverse tracks. Other pieces provide a pulsating beat but manage to never overtake the other aspects of the production. The end of the album incorporates all of the aforementioned stylings into a whirlwind of musical magic that slowly fades out as humbly as it began on the final title track

Te Bend makes a lasting impression upon a listener with this EP. Their   passionate musical syncopation and amazing writing/performing skills are never once called into question. The Bend creates a cinematically diverse musical setting that highlights all the good about great Melodic Rock. All songs offer a wide array of musical depth and structure — offering a great balance of songs.

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Rating:   4 stars (out of 5)

Review by Jonas Koepka edited by Janne Zawa
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