Matthew Neves, You and Me


It seems that New Bedford MA native Matthew Neves was hardwired to be a musician. His dad played guitar, his mom played piano, and as an infant he was jammin’ to classical tunes all night in his crib.

At age four, he received a guitar as a gift; after teaching himself to work that instrument, he went on to bass, drums, and piano; he played in some bands as a youth, before going solo in 2004. The following year, he was composing soundtracks for the TV miniseries Angles. Since that time, he has performed at such big-league venues as Patriot Place (yep, the same joint where that dreamy, dimpled stud Tom Brady works his magic).

Neves has recently released his second album You And Me, a primarily rock affair with some sporadic blues. And the whole shebang was composed, recorded and produced by the artist himself.

About 20 seconds into the song “Days of Summer,” it dawns on me that Neves’ voice sounds quite like the Gallagher bros of Oasis.

The track “Eyes of an Angel” has a calming acoustic melody. Same could be said for the track “Gonna Miss You” — only this particular piece offers a delicate touch of piano as well.

“Eyes of an Angel”:

The track “Impossible” has more of a jesting tone. In fact, it’s not just jesting, but slightly mocking, as evidenced by the following lyrics: “You think you’re better / I read you like a letter / It’s only right if it’s your way / Go ‘head and set yourself away from the others.” On a separate note, a brief but engaging guitar solo launches just before the 2:00 mark.

The track “Misery Loves Company” has a playful feel that belies its title. A pretty mean guitar solo takes flight at 2:17.

With the track “Robbery” we get some Neves fretwork at the very beginning.

Neves transitions from rock to blues with the track “Searching for Heaven.” I was halfway expecting him to let loose with a blistering solo.

He does, however, stomp the bag out of his wah pedal on the track “Square One.”

Oh shit, we get that blistering solo! Located at 2:33 on the track “The Man.” Goodness me, sounds like New Bedford has its own Dimebag Darrell!

This Neves fellow sure can shred when he wants to.

Rumor has it that he will embark on a nationwide tour in 2014. Latest news will be available at:

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