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The Australian singer/songwriter/producer is back for more but unfortunately this time the occasion and the conditions are less than favorable.   The new single “The Dark” is exactly that because it is centered around eM’s battle with Crohn’s disease.   Undergoing painstaking operations and in and out of hospitals has been the regular routine for eM lately.   The song was actually written during her hard days/nights spent in hospital beds & rooms with eM “lying in the dark” thinking about her predicament.        

The lyrics really hit the emotional chords ‘n’ strings where she talks about all of the ongoing “pain” and she claims at one point that “it even hurts to cry”.   If that last line doesn’t touch you on any sort of level then I’m sorry to say that something’s wrong with you because you obviously have an empty heart and an even emptier soul.   Feelings come pouring out of eM here where she’s just “trying to get through each day” but at the same time she can’t understand why she’s there at the hospital dealing with all of this.   People are always questioning things in this life, including myself, but it’s how you roll with the punches that counts the most.   The meaning of life is one big mystery that is not supposed to be figured out but one thing is for certain and that is that eM is one strong fighter who can’t fathom the word quit.   Life can throw you some curve balls sometimes but you have the choice to either give it a swing or just stand there striking out.   eM has chosen to take the initiative to write an extremely heartfelt song that is designed to bring awareness to Crohn’s disease and how the surgeries & complications associated with the disease can be so agonizing.   This act of writing new material during such extreme circumstances proves to me that eM is one powerful warrior and that she will inspire many.  

There is also a video for “The Dark” that displays various images of eM’s hospital stays hooked up to numerous machines and tubes but what really stuck out to me was seeing eM’s smile through all of the sadness.   That, my friends, is called hope and that is one unstoppable force!   The other amazing aspect about “The Dark” is that the track still had that steady Pop/Dance hook that eM has been famous for in the past.   Incorporating an upbeat atmosphere to go along with a highly sensitive subject matter confirms that eM is one incredible artist.   I’d also like to add that the vocals are distinct and quite nice with eM singin’ like a champ.   eM is moving forward with music as her personal therapy and when it’s all said and done she will persevere through “The Dark”.

For someone dealing with Crohn’s right now or if you have loved ones battling this horrible disease then eM may be able to help and shed just an ounce of light in your direction.   She has taken it upon herself to film video blogs while in the hospital that come across as incredibly “raw” and “honest”.

You can watch all of these videos right here:


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In the end one will enter “The Dark” but then he/she will exit through a land full of everlasting, faithful hope.  

By Jimmy Rae (jrae2@att.net)

4 ½/5 Skopes

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