Electro and industrial music pioneer Gary Numan has released a new video for the gloriously gothic track “Love Hurt Bleed”, featured on Numan’s highly anticipated forthcoming full length album ‘Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind)’, out October 15th via Machine Music. Click HERE to watch to “Love Hurt Bleed”.
“Having the opportunity to work with Gary was tremendously exciting, as well as a little intimidating”, says the video’s director Joel Knoernschild. “‘Cars’ is often cited as one of the first full-length commercial music videos ever, so we had   some pressure on us. We shot with 4 video cameras ranging from mid 1970s to early 2000s plugged into an old tube TV. Then we shot the TV with an Arri Alexa, one of the best HD cameras in the world. There’s   lots of mixed media in the video and all of the effects you see were done live. There are no VFX shots done in post production.”

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