Solvation is the new album from veteran reggae / roots artist Likle Mystic. The Jamaican born musician has been residing in Panama, where he first embarked on his musical journey and where the single Shotta has hit the number one spot on Panamanian music charts. With the new album, Likle Mystic seeks to put his sound and image on the forefront, promoting his own brand of positive roots reggae and even a bit of dancehall music. Produced by ZiggyBlacks Productions and Mystic Music International, the album was just released and is now available digitally worldwide. The name Solvation reflects the diverse mind of the artist as he tries to represent the soul with the ever burning sun. Promoting an idea that his flesh may pass but the soul will never die, Likle Mystic is more than an artist but a “ray of hope” for all who have dreams and aspirations and will not allow age, health or wealth to hold him back.

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