Jaded Mary, Xposition (EP)


About the Artist: Reading their bio” The music of Jaded Mary is a reflection of their diverse influences, rare chemistry and exceptional musicianship. The pursuit of their creative vision produces a unique and relevant sound that challenges the boundaries of musical creativity. I agree with that statement. Their latest EP Xposition contains 5 tracks and was released in 2012. I always listen to the opening track extremely carefully. It’s the opening track the band or artists has selected to hit your ears first and foremost. Let’s just say “Bo Peep” the opening title track sets the stage rather well for this EP. It was a great intro piece that stuck in my head and had me eager for what lied ahead. All in all the whole EP is brilliantly delivered with a powerful Hard Rock, guitar driven sound with songs that hit hard and has serious staying power. Music will remind you of typical   bands Saliva, Seether, Puddle of Mud and even Buckcherry to Alice in Chains. To be honest I can’t say enough about this bands overall sound. This body of music will keep you mesmerized and hypnotized throughout its 5 track run and is noting short of pure gut level rock-n-roll. An 5 song collection of songs written and performed by Leif Wagner (drums), Jamal (bass), Tim Bertsch (guitar), David James (vocals). Ironically nothing here sounds overly-Seattle but they defiantly have a sound that favors the late 90’s Alternative Rock movement. I’ve never heard a new band combine so many elements into a fused sound before. Jaded Mary represent a fresh new voice in modern Seattle rock and present a strong musical message that’s aggressive, powerful and impassioned. David James has an amazing voice and the guitar work from Tim Bertsch is beyond impressive. Xposition EP manages to capture lighting in a bottle and is very loud, in your face musical statement. My favorite tracks are Lines and Calumiator. They may have a modern Seattle sound but the true Rock n’ Roll spirit will always remain the same here. If there was one word I would use to describe Jaded Mary it would be diversified. This CD methodically combines many amazing things but does not try to hard to do so. How is this possible? It’s a by product of one being themselves musically. I Especially like how Jaded Mary sound like Seattle without trying to sound like Seattle.   In close Jaded Mary delivers the goods on Xposition in so many different and unique ways. But more importantly it proves old school Alternative Rock n’ Roll is still alive and well up in the Emerald City.

URL: http://jadedmary.com/

Score: 5/5 Stars

I-TUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/jaded-mary/id691092362?ign-mpt=uo=4

by Mindy McCall edited by Michael Rand

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