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Explosion Theory is a “cross-over punk” trio, all of ‘em former members of the now-defunct band Accidental Tribe. These guys are well-acquainted with the NYC grunge scene, and now they’ve decided to revisit their punk roots. Throw in some pretty bangin’ metal, and we get the band’s debut, a self-titled EP.

With the track “Looking in from the Outside,” some considerable guitar chops are shown on the intro. The pace gets pretty intense. I can picture the guitar pick withering away in about three minutes during this caliber of abuse. Throughout the song, there’s plenty of percussion, but not a single perceivable lyric.

The track “Interference” starts off a tad slower, but, actually, I think it’s a bit more ass-kicking. There’s something brooding and biting about the tone. Makes me think of that vicious Swedish metal outfit known as Corroded. For any listeners out there in law enforcement, this would make a great soundtrack for kicking in someone’s door. Hell, this track makes even my dorky ass want to break something. Unfortunately, I’m living with my parents right now, so I have to behave. Anywho, we get some vocals with this track. Probably not the kind your mommy wants you to enjoy, but plenty good to complement the instrumental assault.

The adjective ‘hardcore’ is well-suited to the tracks “Final Destination” and “Resurrection.”

“Happy Jazz Band” is a rather incongruous title, so much so that I’m inclined to think there might be some irony here. Either way, there’s a fat helping of distortion, fret climbing, and bar chord crunch.  

The track “Over” brings a bit of a feminine touch with guest vocalist Jae Monroe of the punk band (A).P.P.L.(E). There’s something haunting about her voice when she sings: “And once again / Feels like it’s over.” These vocals are supported by a nifty guitar riff. It seems the song is about a relationship being over, but some moments sound so dark that “over” might well be applied to life itself.

The whole EP is found on BandCamp: http://explosiontheory.bandcamp.com/album/explosion-theory

If you hustle, you might score songs free of charge. Otherwise, be prepared to fork over a small sum of money.

And, of course, you can stalk these guys on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/explosiontheory
Ray Cavanaugh – owleyesgatsby@yahoo.com

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