Matthew Mirliani, In His Hands

mm1Matthew Mirliani is an up and coming Alternative Folk Compose-Singer-Songwriter from Virginia. One of his marquee single sin entailed “In His Hands.” From the first lines of this solitary piece through the winding emotional twist and turn, “In His Hands” is a real life look at getting over something, admitting to past mistakes and ultimately learning from it. It’s also about having the courage to look yourself in the mirror, admitting you made a mistake and moving on. It’s boldly honest with no illusions, or farces. This single though melancholy as it may be is triumphant, positive and musically uplifting. Which doesn’t even begin to describe the inducing vocal presence of Mirliani himself. He has a warm and captivating voice. ’It’s an unapologetic lament about getting on your feet, minus the cliché self loathing and moving on emotionally and spiritually. It’s a painfully simple song yet knows its sure direction and delivers the A-Typical Matthew Mirliani flair and sound. Despite this conservative approach the song still makes an impression in a crystal clear manner and draws your interest and even self reflection. This is a powerful component to Singer-Songwriter music. In this aspect Matthew Mirliani has much in the way of promise and marketability. In contrast ‘In His Hands” begins with its delicate and gentle intro, incredibly balanced melody, and then slowly reveals more and more as it advances. In this aspect it’s kind of magical.

I would advise Matthew Mirliani upgrade the following: vocal timing, vocal pitch, sound quality, add more instrumentation, more song variety — chorus/verse/bridge/solos, and trim it up by 20%. Despite the negatives Matthew Mirliani has taken everything good about Singer-Songwriter and made it his won He has combined many powerful elements of the genera and added in his own perspective and style. It’s a strong infused ballad that’s textured with wisdom, a touch of sadness, but more importantly hope.

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Rating: 1–2–3–4–(5)–6–7–8–9–10

Written by Sebastian Cole. Edited by Janne Zawa

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