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G-Beanz, of Detroit MI, was born August 29, 1984. The creator of Evolve Recordz. In G-Beanz music, you’ll feel the excitement, witness the struggle and bond with the determination of his endeavors. Beanz has a talent for doing something that he really loves, music. He is fully capable of not only writing lyrics, but producing beats for himself and other Artists. One thing that artists that have worked with him can tell you, “G-Beanz gives nothing short of his best when working with him”. Underground hip hop has opened up a new path for him, so come, watch, listen, and be amazed.

Under the new label “Citi Lightz”. New singles, “All Out”, “Foolin”, “Memory Lane”,”Saucy”, and “Hold Me Down, by Citi Lightz off the album Citi Lightz (Lyrics by H.Hunter & G-Beanz). Co-Producer Young RJ of Slum Village.

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