Recently out of jail yet again (this time for a parole violation), a recent fan campaign to “Free V-Nasty” has apparently worked.   That, or the California Corrections Board believes that the buzz worthy superstar has finally learned her lesson. Ever attempting to address her image for fans, critics and parole officers alike, V-Nasty has gotten busy promoting her new track ” All the Money” while simultaneously doing her best to stay out of trouble and continue the transition into the superstar she is. The infamous rapper still sites her fans and family as her inspiration, and has massive hopes for the coming release. An upcoming tour (whispers hint it is with Little Debbie) and a press campaign just lighting fire, commercial success still appear emanate for the female rapper.

“I worked hard on this s@*+” she states. “Nobody is stopping me from gettin to the top.”

Pinnacle Records (www.pinnaclerecord.com) is dropping the release “Words I Wrote,” this October, and recent remixes and cameos are coming out of the wood work for the new record.   From east coast cameos (such as Andano) to EDM remixes from international guest DJs, V-Nasty is again leaving her thumb print on the game. Www.pinnaclerecord.com has the latest on the hush hush track listing, all of which drops in a mere 3 weeks.

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