Renee Ruth is a man and a band. Backed by Teddy Oliver (guitar),Enrique Mancia (bass), and Chris DeRosa   (drums), Montclair, New Jersey-born guitar virtuoso and vocalist Renee Ruth takes on rock ‘n roll with worldly experience on the brand new single “Midnight.”

Listen/download Renee Ruth’s debut single “Midnight”:

With a sound that swings from pop rock to experimental in a very mythical way, pairing catchy vocal melodies and hooks with unusual rhythms and tones, Renee Ruth showcases hard-hitting, adrenalized rock ‘n roll that stars shredding guitar riffs and power chords on “Midnight.” Channeling artists from The Foo Fighters, to Muse, to Arcade Fire, to Bloc Party, to Prince, Renee Ruth puts a fresh spin on alternative rock, capitalizing on cohesive musicianship and high energy.

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