Lovewhip releases their brand new music video “Let Go!” It’s a spandex-bedazzled booty-shakin’ dance video featuring seizure-inducing background animation! The go-go-bell fueled electro-groove banger is an anthem that does just what it says, helping us all “Let Go” — a much needed respite from today’s world, especially on a day like today (9/11)! Featuring Empress Erin, Juicy Jim, Bob Weird, and special guest Kelly Roberge on sax, all shakin’ their asses like you’ve never seen! Produced by Rory Gory Productions with post production and animation by Jehanne Junguenet and help from director of photography Jenn Driscoll and gaffer Lindsey Warren, we’re proud to say it was an all-female crew that made this awesome music video!

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