Kris Angelis is full of sweetness on her charming new single, “Rhyme Nor Reason.” The adorably dynamic track brings the bouncy, floating-on-air feeling of falling in love to life in the hand-clap instrumentation and dynamic piano melodies, fluttering around like butterflies in your stomach. Angelis finds humor in the desperate need we all have to find sense in our emotion;   the smooth lifts in her voice fall into place like a smile on the lips, and despite the narrative and confusion expressed in the lyrics you can’t help but experience a sense of happiness and understanding. The minor dip in the breakdown is a statement to Kris and her ever present quirkiness, built into every melody and lyric she creates, making for a musical journey with the most exciting twist and turns a listener can take. There’s no doubt that you’ll find yourself humming along to the melodic adventure that is “Rhyme Nor Reason” and keep it with you long after the music stops!

Free MP3 “Rhyme Nor Reason” via Soundcloud:

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