Dave Childz new mixtape “Underrated Genius” is an eclectic mix of beats and sounds, jumping from party groove to dramatic storytelling from one song to the next. It’s a testament of his wide ranging passion for all things hip hop and ‘a little something for everyone’ vibe throughout.

Skope: You grew up in a multiethnic household in the Bronx, NY. How did that have an affect on you as an artist?

Dave Childz: I’m sure that’s one of the biggest factors that have impacted my music. Having a Black father and a Cuban mother and my parents being the people they are and listening to the music that they do. I mean the list is endless; from 70’s funk, Old school Hip Hop & R&B, Rock, Salsa, to even Brazilian music….Music was always playing in the house!

Skope: Who are some of your first influences that got you started in hiphop?

Dave: It’s funny because I caught onto hip hop a little later than other people in my generation that come from where I’m from.   I used to always listen to more R&B music as a little kid, but once I got to about middle school it was over lol. I listened to a lot of artist like Biggie, Pac, Eminem, Outkast, and way too many others to mention, but I would say my biggest influences were DMX, Jay, and Kanye. It’s just crazy to me how they all can be so different, yet still found their spot among the elite. X made me want to rap, Kanye made me want to produce, and Jay made me want to takeover.


Skope: Your new mixtape “Underrated Genius”, what’s it about?

Dave: Unrealized Potential. Genius that is not yet and might never ever really be acknowledged or appreciated, to me that’s probably the saddest instance of a genius.   Einstein wasn’t the best student, but Einstein is still EINSTEIN lol.   What if people doubted Einstein because prior to Einstein there was no Einstein… I feel like Underrated Genius is E=MC squared for hip hop, so guess what that makes me lol.

Skope: Where can people download the mixtape?

Dave: At my official website www.DaveChildz.com or other websites like DatPiff or HotNewHipHop.

Skope: How have you evolved as a writer since you started doing mixtapes?

Dave: I should probably change my name because I’m so much different from when I first started.   If anyone goes back and listens to anything I’ve dropped prior to my newest mixtape, they will definitely hear the gradual evolution. It’s gotten to a point where I rarely have to write anything; I just go into the studio and zone out.

Skope: Is there an album going to follow-up your mixtape releases?

Dave: Eventually. I’m not rushing it. Even though people tell me UG feels like an album. Which is great, but as far as an official album; no plans yet. My fans will have to just to stay tuned; I won’t leave them hanging though.

Skope: What was it like growing up in your neighborhood, what was the hip hop scene like?

Dave: I’m an 80’s baby, but I came up during the 90’s and 2000’s. The Biggie and Diddy Bad Boy Era.   Then Jay-Z came through and started running everything. DMX and Ruff Ryders dropped hit after hit. Then 50 came and did the ultimate takeover. New York could do no wrong. How could you not fall in love with hip hop just living in the East Coast, let along NYC.

Skope: Do you perform live or in front of audiences or are you a studio artist?

Dave: Any chance I get! Aside from creating the music that’s my favorite part of this industry. Being able to watch the crowd rock to your art is an art in itself.

Skope: What other projects do you have coming up that we should watch for?

Dave: I have some new music videos dropping really soon for Forever Alone & Hedonism on my DaveChildzG5Fly YouTube channel. I’ll be releasing a few new songs I’ve been saving produced by Jonny Cash, Coastyn, and myself and just making a ridiculous amount of moves. I won’t stop till the Genius isn’t underrated!

Check out Dave Childz @ www.davechildz.com and be sure to follow him on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news.

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