Abscondo, Travelpics EP


An attorney, an MBA, and a Chemical Engineer? Q: How can record label seriously expect people to believe that they real paid taxes in (two) separate countries to promote a band made of real life Harvard Grads taping Jim Brewer night at the Apollo? A: Because somewhere in the world there is a Slovakian quartet with a band name that means ‘excursion’ in Latin. Enter the ‘Travelpics” EP by Abscondo: Four tracks by four men of sacrifice who have managed to salvage Gold Diggers deep enough to convince them into comparing themselves to the likes of The Killers, Radiohead, Muse, and Coldplay-all in one sentence, five to seven years ago.

On tracks ‘Lost’, ‘I Created’, ‘The System.’ First of all Its like I’ve never had a #6 in my life. Words cannot describe how utterly horrendous this decision making is. To think that somebody out there actually making music professionally was considered stable enough at some point to be able to afford to sound like a poor man’s Ben Gibbard is beyond me-Batman Beyond me. “But Seriously”, besides this EP being over ridden with monstrous synths, paranoid guitar work, and the waning vocals of an Immuno patient, I figure this EP will act as a hint to give the Princeton babies out there hope that they too can land a job somewhere that involves a reason good enough. Well-a reason other than the fact that they have zero intention on hiring three rapists and a musician to play 2gether hits for their bosses 25 year wedding anniversary. Evar.

My advice is to Skip the EP altogether…and with it the Police Report. Theres nothing being done here that hasn’t been said two million times before 15x a day on Top-40 Radio the past twelve years. If you like tho you’re free to do the Math and check them out…but then that would be telling, wouldn’t it.


Robin Kale – robinne.gilmore@gmail.com

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