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A few years ago Clarissa experienced an epiphany at Mitsuwa Market in Centinela where she wrote her first two songs after circling around for what seemed like hours looking for a parking spot. Since then she never looked back. In fact she just released a ground single entitled “One Love” in 2013. When one listens to “One Love” for the first time you get a clear picture of everything Clarissa stands for. Being who you are and living for the moment. Straight away it’s clear to me as this single hits solid stride it’s an imaginative return to passion filled Hip Hop fused with the better musical touches of today Power Pop, Urban dance and Soulful Singer/Songwriter. But wait — she also delivers an iconic supermodel-like mystique as well. Did I mention she can dance? Clarissa’s sound will remind you of classic Spice Girls, Ke$ka and Save Ferris — but there’s also elements of Lada Gaga and Fergie. Today music has many people feeling of bit of soullessness — how appropriate I get an invigorating and uplifting single by an artist like Clarissa that’s a real jolt to the system. The song begins in hooky fashion with the methodical sonic intro which quickly evolves into a crisp raid on the senses, laden with hooks and impressive melodic bursts from Clarissa The only surprise is that it wasn’t a single, as it is radio friendly of the highest order. The chorus in itself is a pleasant journey through a Pop-Passion play with harmonies beautifying what could also be a popular number on the dance floor. At the end of the day “One Love” by Clarissa is an exceptional pop song showcasing a priceless chorus and an infectious vocal feel.   Clarissa is a real breath of fresh air and again a shock to everyday musical system presently in place — mainly because it’s positive. In summary ‘One Love” is sure to turn your head and ears and pretty much delivers everything the title implies. I wouldn’t be surprised if Clarissa continues to get more popular as this Summer unwinds.  

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