OPEN AIR STEREO, Chase Johnson (lead vocals), Nick Gross (drums), Scott Pounds (guitars), Evan Smith (bass)–has just released the video for “Stuck On You,” the first single from their debut album, PRIMATES, which was released May 21 on Goomba Music.   Anthony Leondari is at the director’s helm (who also directed Imagine Dragons “It’s Time”).
Fans might remember OPEN AIR STEREO from MTV’s series, “Laguna Beach.”   Johnson became a main character in the series, which featured OPEN AIR STEREO prominently.   The series concluded with the band’s sold-out performance at The Roxy in Los Angeles.   Pounds joined the band around that time, and the band marvels to this day over being able to find such a talented guitarist through a Craigslist ad.

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