Magnificent Birds of Prey


This 4 piece band hails from the Philadelphia area and just released their latest self titled EP is sure to be remembered as one of the more impressive modern Alternative Rock-releases of our time from that locale.   It’s pure high-energy College Rock the way it used to be via full-tilt of playing, hooky grooves and a smashing songwriting style. It’s the ultimate in musical intoxication in my opinion. Before I get to the review let me first say these lads (Carl, Jeff, Joel, Lyle) will take you back to a simpler, happier more carefree time. A time before artists started hanging out the dirty laundry to dry on the radio. Man that felt good to say! “Magnificent Birds of Prey (EP) “opens with “Anthem” a rocking number with explosive guitars grooving drums, bass, and solid vocals from vocalist Lyle Kelch. Track 2 “Wolves are Comin” probably my favorite track takes it to another level with its classic alt-rock vibe, perfect for a night club atmosphere. The 3rd track “On a Dime” lets it all hang out with catchy vibe, fun musical landscape full of powerful overtones.   One thing that impressed me about this album/band is the attention to detail however, there’s a “college” ambience that really sucks in the listener into their musical world — very chaotic in scope. Almost like a party gone out of control. The instrumentation and tones give you that genuine feel of good Alt-rock music and writing from a generation ago, it has a solid feel reminiscent of music popular in the mid nineties. Magnificent Birds of Prey remind me of a modern day version of Superchunk but I can also hear Flaming Lips, Blur and Eels. All are solid musically and give off a youthful spirit. Magnificent Birds of Prey captures an energetic almost youthful spirit of indie-rock that will ring true not only for older more experienced listeners but new ones as well. This latest release from Magnificent Birds of Prey wraps up a well rounded and interesting cross section of classic Alternative Rock, and Psychedelic Indie-Punk. Despite this it is accessible to modern day listeners. How is this possible? Only an experienced artists and/or bands can pull it off, backed up by a solid production instincts via brilliant musical mastermind personality that is Lyle Kelch.


Sad to say music like this is sorely missing from the 2013 repertoire. Magnificent Birds of Prey is an exception to this rules and does more than fill this musical void, they can hold their own against any hot running band out there right now.
Rating; 4/5 Stars

Posted by Scottie Carlito edited by Markus Druery

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