If you’ve ever witnessed Midnight Conspiracy’s live show, then you can fully appreciate the integration of live visuals and music with their out-of-this world laser light show. This awareness of sound with light and the experience it can bring to the audience is apparent in their latest creation ‘Nasty.’ It explores the outer reaches of heavy bass music with some of Midnight Conspiracy’s best synth work to-date to take the listener on a dark, moody journey of space and time. It’s as if their laser setup was on full blast in the studio allowing them to create an art of sound along with an art of sight. The intense focus on sound design nerdery in ‘Nasty’ highlights the necessity that music shouldn’t be experienced in a vacuum, that light complements sound and sound complements light.

Midnight Conspiracy releases ‘Nasty’ on Ultra Records.

Out today on Beatport:


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