For a solo artist Moby has always worked inclusively. His new album, Innocents reflects this with the extensive cast of collaborators along with the emotional nature of the record and now through his new video for “A Case For Shame.” “A Case For Shame” showcases Moby’s collaboration with fellow Mute artist Cold Specks and we invite you to watch the video here.

The video is a directorial debut from Moby and was shot by Moby at his home in Los Angeles.   It features the masked characters from the album cover, Cold Specks and Moby himself under water.

Watch “A Case For Shame”

“’A Case For Shame’ is the first video I’ve shot and directed for one of my songs, as in addition to directing I was also the camera person. The video narrative is as follows: I’ve drowned, and I’ve gone to an after-life inhabited by people who are concealing themselves because of shame. The masks are not meant to be conventionally frightening, the masks and sheets are being worn because the after-life people are hiding, because they’re ashamed.”


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